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Nico Wakatsuki ( (わか) (つき) ニコ Wakatsuki Niko?) is the main female protagonist of the Witch Watch series.




Nico lived far away to train to be a witch.



Nico is a rare, powerful witch with a thousand spells at her command; the type of witch who is born only once every thousand years.

  • Broomflight: Nico owns her own broom which she can use to fly and hover in the air, however the weight of three people at once is too much for the broom to handle.
  • Super Light: Nico can make objects drastically lighter in terms of weight. When cast on people this spell also lightens their mood, changing their personality. A drawback of this spell is that the objects become temporarily heavier after the spell wears off.
  • Embiggen: Nico can make objects bigger. Casting it through the palm of her hand makes the entire target bigger, and funnelling the magic through a single finger allows her to enlarge only part of an object. Repeating the spell on the same target returns it to its normal size.
  • Pulp Fashion: Nico can create clothing from pictures and other media, but since pictures only show one side of the outfit, the other side of the reconstructred clothes will be transparent.
  • Doublit: Nico can double herself at the cost of halving her physical size and her brainpower. Each of her halved selves can perform the spell again, allowing her to create four child-sized copies of herself.
  • Ensmallen: Nico can make objects smaller.
  • Witch Recovery: Nico can repair objects, even a letter that has been shredded into pieces.
  • Slime Lotion Gel Amoebas: Nico makes the ground around her incredibly slippery, like an ice-skating rink.
  • Kwi-Quick: Nico can increase the speed and perception of speed of her target. By using it at ten times strength, a person will experience ten days in a single day.



  • Nico's name was originally translated as "Niko" in the manga's first five chapters due to Japanese localization, but was changed to "Nico" from chapter 6 onwards.


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