Nico Wakatsuki ( (わか) (つき) ニコ Wakatsuki Niko?) is the main character of the Witch Watch series.






  • Broomflight: Nico owns her own broom which she can use to fly and hover in the air, however the weight of three people at once is too much for the broom to handle.
  • Super Light: Nico can make objects drastically lighter in terms of weight. When cast on people this spell also lightens their mood, changing their personality. A drawback of this spell is that the objects become temporarily heavier after the spell wears off.
  • Embiggen: Nico can make objects bigger. Casting it through the palm of her hand makes the entire target bigger, and funnelling the magic through a single finger allows her to enlarge only part of an object. Repeating the spell on the same target returns it to its normal size.



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