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Hi there! My name's Arzene, but feel free to call me Zen.
I joined FANDOM back at the very beginning of 2019 over on the My Hero Academia Wiki—which I still administrate today!—and have since become a part of a number of animanga communities. I'm also a member of the Community Council and have been since November 2020.
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If you wish to contact me, please do so via my message wall or via Discord ping/DM. Please note that I'll only accept Discord friend requests from those whose usernames I recognise, so it might be an idea to let me know on my message wall before sending one.
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‣ I became a fan of anime and manga in late 2017, and my all-time favourites are Our Dreams at Dusk and The Case Study of Vanitas. Feel free to talk to me about animanga anytime!
‣ My current profile picture is Yori Asanagi from Whisper Me a Love Song. A true lesbian icon.
‣ My absolute undisputed #1 series of all time is Heaven Official's Blessingplease talk to me about beefleaf I am still trying to cope—and I'm a fan of MXTX's other 2 works as well!
‣ I love listening to Japanese music, and my current favourite song is Blessing by halyosy. Please check out the Holostars cover it's absolutely amazing.
‣ My account is named after Arsène from Persona 5 and Zen Kubota from ZANKI∞ZERO. Do I know why? No. Does it sound cool? Yes.
‣ It may be because I'm from the UK, but I hate hot weather with every inch of my being. Winter is far superior to Summer.
‣ If I remember correctly, the first anime I ever fully watched was Yuri!!! on Ice and the first manga I ever read was My Hero Academia.
‣ I love VTubers! I'm into a load of different agencies and groups, but my oshi would have to be Kureiji Ollie from hololive Indonesia.
‣ I religiously use light mode for everything other than Discord. Yep, even Fandom, unless a wiki's light mode is illegible.
‣ I'm basically considered a yuri manga guru because of how much of it I've read, so if you ever need romance recommendations then you know who to ask~
‣ I am very much a cat person. I don't at all dislike dogs, but why go for them when cats are both softer and more baby-sized?